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Re: hpcboot won't work


sorry for my broken english.

>I tried to run hpcboot.exe on my jornada 690.
>But it says 'not a valid win ce application' 
>whats wrong?

Did you uudecode?

I got the file hpcboot.exe.uu (118,551bytes) from CVS source tree (at Feb 22).

After this, I used /usr/bin/uudecode :

# uudecode hpcboot.exe.uu

on desktop-machine's NetBSD shell .

Then I got the hpcboot.exe (86,016bytes) on the directory.

Next, I put "the hpcboot.exe" on Jornada680's CF-card.

Boot the hpcboot without complain on WinCE.

thank you.

ITOU Makoto  aaa44850%pop01.odn.ne.jp@localhost

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