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Re: Where is hpcboot.exe ?

 | I was curious to test NetBSD/hpcsh on my Casio A20 following
 | the "Using NetBSD/hpcsh" page
 | (http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/hpcsh/howto-use.html)
 | but, when I attempt to get hpcboot.exe at
 | ftp://f77.nop.or.jp/users/uch/hpcboot/
 | there is only an empty directory :-(

Sorry, hpcboot.exe was merged into NetBSD CVS repository(sys/arch/hpc/stand). 
I'll rewrite web page later.
Probably Casio A20 don't work. I've tested my Casio A-55V(Japanese-model).
its seiral port is not SCIF, and companion chip is CASIO FM-7403.
I couldn't find its data-sheet.

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