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LG Phenom 2nd try

I apologise for sending the wrong boot messages in my last email.

The Machine type once again is:

LG Phenom
Model No: H-220C
Config No: 32 LCU
WinCE ROMS: 2.11

The boot messages (with the miniroot this time) are:

SH architecture.                                                                
Page size 1024byte 64pages/region                                               
use LockPages method.                                                           
File: FAT                                                                       
Loader: COFF                                                                    
Bank#0 0x0c000000 size 0x02000000                                               
Bank#1 0x0e000000 size 0x02000000                                               
ExtEscape (GETVFRAMEPHYSICAL) not implemented.                                  
ExtEscape (GETVFRAMELEN) not implemented.                                       
Cache Enabled. normal-mode, P0/U0/P3 Write-Back, P1 Write-Through               
MMU Enabled. VPN only index-mode, multiple virtual storage mode                 
SR 0x40000001                                                                   
ICR0   0x00008000                                                               
ICR1   0x00000462                                                               
ICR2   0x00000001                                                               
PINTER 0x0000ff01                                                               
IPRA   0x00001baf                                                               
IPRB   0x00000000                                                               
IPRC   0x0000b7a5                                                               
IPRD   0x00004b00                                                               
IPRE   0x00001230                                                               
IRR0   0x00000010                                                               
IRR1   0x00000000                                                               
IRR2   0x00000000                                                               
PINT enable (on |)  :................||||||||.......|                           
PINT detect (high |):...............................|                           
NMI (High falling-edge), never maskable,  SR.BL maskable                        
IRQ[3:0] : dependent IRQ[0:3] (IRL disabled) source                             
IRQ[5] raising edge                                                             
IRQ[4] falling edge                                                             
IRQ[3] raising edge                                                             
IRQ[2] low level                                                                
IRQ[1] falling edge                                                             
IRQ[0] low level                                                                
----interrupt priority----                                                      
TMU0       1                                                                    
TMU1       11                                                                   
TMU2       10                                                                   
RTC        15                                                                   
WDT        0                                                                    
REF        0                                                                    
SCI        0                                                                    
reserve    0                                                                    
IRQ3       11                                                                   
IRQ2       7                                                                    
IRQ1       10                                                                   
IRQ0       5                                                                    
PINT0-7    4                                                                    
PINT8-15   11                                                                   
IRQ5       0                                                                    
IRQ4       0                                                                    
DMAC       1                                                                    
IrDA       2                                                                    
SCIF       3                                                                    
ADC        0                                                                    
open file "\Storage Card\miniroot.fs" (4194304 byte).                           
open file "\Storage Card\netbsd" (701186 byte).                                 
file size: text 0x87500 + data 0x48b0 = 0x8bdb0 byte                            
address translation table 4736 pages. (37888 byte)                              
allocated 4736 page. mapped 4736 page.                                          
2nd bootloader vaddr=0x0052fc00 paddr=0x0ee2f000                                
2nd bootloader copy done.                                                       
a_vstamp=0 f_opthdr=28 f_nscns=4 FILHSZ=20 SCNHSZ=40                            
[text]  ->load 0x8c001000+0x00087500=0x8c088500 ofs=0x000000d0+0x87500          
[data]  ->load 0x8c088500+0x000048b0=0x8c08cdb0 ofs=0x000875d0+0x48b0           
[bss ]  ->load 0x8c08cdb0+0x000204f8=0x8c0ad2a8 ofs=0x00000000+0x0              
[zero clear] ->0x8c08cdb0+0x000204f8=0x8c0ad2a8                                 
open file "\Storage Card\miniroot.fs" (4194304 byte).                           
[file system image]     ->load 0x8c0ae000+0x00400000=0x8c4ae000 ofs=0x00000000+0
load link 4731 zero clear link 1.                                               
kernel entry address: 0x8c001000                                                
frame buffer: 640x240 type=3 linebytes=0 addr=0x00000000                        
BootArgs 0x8ee2ec00 Stack 0x8ee2ea00                                            
Booting kernel...                                                              
0x8C001000                             .%W#A!*E'(.2.S#a.,'3.Ni..).     -8*a#*
>..K'..@'%#aQ-.K.&%W.A.K'&...Z$J.K\.g.                              .AH',

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