Subject: Installing net-BSD hpcmips on compaq 2010C
To: None <>
From: Matias Gut <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 03/30/2007 09:58:52
Hello all!

After taking some time to read some docs I'm starting to install net-BSD 
  on a compaq 2010C with a 512 MB CF. I started learning about net-BSD 
in order to install it in that device.

As long as I won't have net access I'll put the net-bsd sets in a BSD 
partition in the CF.
I did a little FAT16 partition to hold the pbsdboot1.exe and the install 
kernel. I can access that partition from winCE and start the kernel 
loader (pbsdboot1.exe in my winCE version). The install kernel loads 
without any problem (I'm using netbsb-TX3912.gz version).
My question is: pbsboot1.exe returns an error saying that he's not able 
to save the .ini configuration file. I suppose that's the reason why I 
need to re-enter the configuration when I do the following boot.

Is there any way to do that config file "by hand" and save it in the FAT 
partition? WinCe seems not to have any trouble writing files in that 
partition. Would be worth doing this or should I wait until I finish 
installing net-BSD in the bigger partition?

Thanks in advance,