Subject: X & Window Managers
To: None <>
From: elijah rutschman <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 03/31/2006 11:49:27
Hello all,
I have been trying to get some alternate window managers running on my
MobilePro 780 running NetBSD 3.0, but have not had much success.  I
have made packages for matchbox, icewm, pekwm, and windowlab.=20
$/HOME/.xinitrc did not exist, so i created it and I set .xinitrc to
be something like:

someapp &
someotherapp &
exec  window-manager-name-here

Then I try:




But all i get is the blank grey screen with an x-cursor I can move
with the stylus.  With matchbox, the cursor switches to the classic
arrow pointer after about 30 seconds.

When I remove $/HOME/.xinitrc, X starts up fine into twm.

Am I missing something?

I'll post a link to the packages I've compiled once I verify that they
actually work :-)