Subject: Re: My first stab at netbsd on a z50 - cf, wifi, etc
To: dub20 <>
From: dereck <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 09/16/2005 13:41:29
I can't help, Jose, because I'm in the same position. 
I'm about to add NetBSD to a refurbished NEC MobilePro
that I got from ebay.

One question that I have for you, though, is what
system are you going to use to transfer NetBSD to your
CF card?  That is a big hole in the posts that I've
read so far.  

Also, with what filesystem should the CF card be
formmated with?  I've been digging for days on this
with the internet.  Some people wrote instructions a
couple of years ago, but the links are now broken.
:-(.  My first assumption was that I needed to format
this and transfer the files using an existing NetBSD
deployment (on i386?).  Is that how you read it?

As you move along, though, I'd appreciate any
"gotchas" that you encounter.


--- dub20 <> wrote:

> I've just received my first ibm z50. The largest
> media I have right now 
> are two 64mb CF cards. I'm not even sure if it's
> possible to install a 
> full netbsd/X system on this size card. It seems to
> cost ~$100+sh for 
> either a 1gb CF or microdrive, so is there any
> reason I should go for 
> one over the other?  As for the size, what is the
> upper limit on the 
> CF/microdrive? I ask because I could also get a
> generic 2.2gb for ~$25 more.
> As for a wireless nic, any difference in
> function/compatibility between 
> the cf and pcmcia cards?
> Anything else I should keep in mind as I begin this
> process?
> Thanks
> jose