Subject: Re: Please, test an hpcfb fix
To: None <,>
From: Andy Ruhl <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 09/05/2005 06:52:29
On 9/3/05, Valeriy E. Ushakov <> wrote:
> I've fixed (in current) an issue with hpcfb not passing r/g/b widths
> and positions to rasops correctly for 16-bit framebuffers (arguably,
> rasops15 should use sane defaults).  If you have a machine with 16-bit
> framebuffer, please, test that console colors are working correctly
> for you.
> The fix is in sys/dev/hpc/hpcfb.c rev 1.33
> If you have options WSDISPLAY_CUSTOM_OUTPUT you can simply try
>     $ wsconsctl -dw msg.default.fg=3Dred  # etc
> Please, send replies directly to me.  I will request pull up to 3.0,
> and we'd better fix any fallout before the release.
> On hpcsh it fixes the issue with very dark console colors (another
> bug, incorret endianness setting, contributed to that effect).
> Thanks.

Sorry to reply publicly, but the current kernel still doesn't boot on
my hpcmips based NEC Mobilepro 880 due to pr 30590. I don't know how
to fix it other than the workaround provided in the pr submitted by
others, which I'm not sure is something that is a viable workaround to
be doing. If I did know how to fix it I would try.