Subject: MP790 (780) w/ NetBSD a viable platform?
To: None <>
From: Abyss Knight <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 08/11/2005 21:02:40
Hello all, I'm new to the list. I was just browsing through and noticed that 
there has been quite a bit of headway made with this distro/port. I was 
wondering, how many of you (MP790 + NetBSD users) are able to use NetBSD as 
a replacement for WinCE? The reason I ask is that I am currently playing 
with 2.0.2 and it seems feasible that with a microdrive and the right 
packages you could get a fully functional NetBSD install for the MobilePro 
series. The post pressing question is probably that of power management. 
Does NetBSD currently have enough power management for the HPCs to make them 
usable for day to day browsing, etc?

On a side note, I am currently having trouble getting a base install 
(kernel/base/etc/comp) going on my 128mb flash card, but I believe it may be 
something to do with my partition schema. I'm pretty much a newbie when it 
comes to BSD, so forgive me if I barely understand half the stuff on the 
list. ;)

Thanks for your time,
    - Abyss