Subject: wifi adapters for the NEC Mobilepro
To: None <>
From: Andy Ruhl <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 02/18/2005 09:33:13
I had asked about this earlier, and I didn't get much response.

Can people recommend a wifi adapter for me that works with NetBSD 2.0?

If you have one working, can you show me the dmesg so I can see which one it is?

The problem I've found is, you can find a part number for an adapter
that works, but that isn't good enough. Many of them (most of them?)
also have a version number which could mean that the adapter is
largely not even close to the same as it was previously.

For example, I looked at the Belkin F5D6020. 

I went down to the store and found that they had them, but they were
cardbus! So I went to the Belkin website to look at them, and sure
enough, the v3 adapter is cardbus. But the v2 isn't. So, stupid me, I
decide that the v2 is the one I need. Wrong. It's got the same chipset
as the v3, which isn't (yet?) supported under NetBSD. But the v1 card
has a different chipset which IS supported.

This is common to other manufacturers as well.


Doesn't help any that when I'm trying to buy these things the version
number of the thing normally isn't advertised.

So again, can anyone recommend a card, and possibly show the dmesg as well?