Subject: Trouble Booting hpcmips Generic NetBSD/Sysinst image (hpcboot.exe Command Line Parameters?) On HPC Device With No Display
To: None <>
From: Sabahattin Gucukoglu <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 08/06/2004 21:42:48
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Hi all,

I am trying to make a Windows CE device with no display boot the NetBSD 
latest 1-6-stable snapshot binary installation kernel (1).  From previous 
flirtation with's binary Linux 2.2 kernel release, now 
apparently defunct (together, it seems, with any real interest in doing as 
you are), the unit *appears* to be a Casio E105 with NEC VR4121 CPU.  I've 
looked at the latest sources for hpcboot through cvsweb, and - to the 
extent that my meager Windows programming knowledge allows - I can't see 
any use of cmd_line that would suggest that this program does accept and 
then process command line parameters.  

So, first of all, does or does it (hpcboot.exe - this device runs Windows 
CE 2.12) not accept command line parameters?  If it doesn't then, unless 
it automatically uses a specific kernel image and boots using a serial 
console, or else reads aconfiguration file in a given location (perhaps 
the same directory as hpcboot.exe itself), it will not be of any use - do 
any of you have suggestions on how to boot this generic gzipped sysinst 
kernel image on my device?  

Your help is much appreciated!  

1.  This device is a BrailleNote, a Microsoft HPC device running Windows 
CE 2.12 and a wrapper that makes it accessible.  Custom applications have 
been written that use the audio facilities for speech in a deeply 
restrictive and proprietary menu-oriented fashion, and the unit includes a 
32-cell refreshable braille line.  I am, of course, totally blind myself 
and have no use of monitors and displays - the unit therefore doesn't, 
either, and doesn't include one.  For information about this device (and 
perhaps to get an idea why a person like myself and my friends might want 
to break away from the limiting nature of extremely proprietary and 
expensive niche market technology and software), please go to .  If you want a challenge, this here is it.  We 
want to rewrite the KeySoft sweet, call it FreeSoft, put it under the 
auspices of open source, together with its open source operating system, 
give it some much-needed power and flexibility, and just generally hack it 
to death for the benefit of our impatient followers.  Fancy helping? :-)  


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