Subject: Re[3]: NetBSD 1.6.2 on JVC InterLink MP-C303, german version: MP-C33
To: Matthew Orgass <>
From: Alexander Korsch <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 06/07/2004 08:19:07
Hello Matthew,

Monday, June 7, 2004, 6:37:01 AM, you wrote:

MO>   It will try to write the file to "\\Storage Card\\", "\\Storage
MO> Card1\\", and "\\Storage Card3\\".  I guess your storage card directory is
MO> named differently.  It will try to read files in "/", "2:/", "\\", and
MO> "\\My Documents\\" and will write the file if it finds it.  I guess the
MO> easiest thing to do would be to rename your storage card directory
MO> "Storage Card" before booting.

I tried it, itīs not possible to rename the german "Speicherkarte" to
"Storage Card", WinCE doesnīt allow it, an error occured :(
Than I created a symbolical link to "Speicherkarte" which I named to
"Storage Card", and now pbsdboot still tells me that it cannot write
"pbsdboot.ini" BUT ALSO (in a new popup):

PocketBSD boot
open failed

when I trie to boot the kernel from the msdos-partition, not only over
the "new" symbolical link "\Storage Card\netbsd", also over the "old"
path "\Speicherkarte\netbsd". From the
ffs-partition there are no changes, same behavior as before.

MO>   I bet you used the "Victor InterLink MP-C101" entry, which is for a
MO> TX3922 CPU not Vr4122 and it hangs trying to access an invalid physical
MO> address.  Click on the "..." next to the machine type.  Use the following
MO> machine ids: 4104500 2010102 For the video, I don't know.  Maybe try
MO> serial console first.  The following might work: frame: a000000, 1024x600,
MO> D16_0000, bytes/line:  2048

I tried a lot of models and yes, also the InterLink 101.
Now I tried your values but with the same result, it hangs up at the
same point ... is it for pbsdboot possible to boot without "physical"
 write access to "Storage Card"?

Thanks again for your help,
bye Alex

MO> Matthew Orgass

Best regards,