Subject: Re: OT: Unix PDAs
To: None <>
From: Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 04/29/2004 15:53:22
On 04/29 09:31 , Dick Davies wrote:
> If the OP hasn't run off to buy a Palm yet, they might want to
> try the ibm z50 stinkpads - although they have all the aesthetic
> appeal of a wet loaf of bread, they do have stupidly long battery
> lives (possibly due to their internal fission reactors)...

I actually rather like the classic American square black box look of IBM
Only problem I really had with my z50 was that the power connector was a bit
loose, and if you didn't apply constant downward pressure (i.e. the weight
of the power brick dangling on the cord), it wouldn't charge.

I gave it to my ex-gf, since I wasn't using it. I ought to find out what (if
anything) she's doing with it these days. She really wanted it for a
portable notepad for class and the like (in wince).

Carl Soderstrom.
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises