Subject: Re: IBM z50 First Boot
To: Benjamin Rutledge <>
From: Matthew Orgass <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 08/05/2003 14:36:41
On 2003-08-04 wrote:

> Now here's where I'm stuck.  I got the OS installed on a NetBSD partition on
> the HDD, but now when I reboot to WinCE, I don't know what to tell
> pbsdboot.exe to boot NetBSD from specifically because WinCE doesn't
> recognize the HDD as a Storage Card.  Any thoughts or ideas?  All help is
> appreciated and the suggestion that gets me up and running might win some
> cookies.  Thanks.

  Your best bet is to either get a small CF drive that CE recognizes or to
otherwise transfer over the kernel you want to use, then set up the system
the way you want it and boot the kernel from CE.  As long as NetBSD
recognizes your hardware, it will have them up by the time it needs them.

Matthew Orgass