Subject: Re: A couple of z50 questions
To: Christopher Richmond <>
From: billy ball <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 09/06/2002 12:03:13
On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Christopher Richmond wrote:

>      I wrote a script which continually read in
>       and wrote out a file to disk.  The system
>       ran for about 4 hours before the battery
>       died.    I suppose using the disk so much
>       may have been what caused the system
>       to quit after 4 hours.  Does anyone have
>       any comments about this?  I'm wondering
>       if my battery may need to be replaced.

single battery or the dual-LiIon? if single, then that's about right...

> 2) Suspend mode battery life.
>       If I suspend the system while running
>       NetBSD with a full battery and leave the
>       system alone for around 12 hours, the battery
>       is down to around 31%.  If I suspend the
>       system while running Windows CE and
>       leave it for the same amount of time, the
>       system is only down to around 97%.

IIRC, the LCD is suspended... i've noticed that PCMCIA is also suspended, 
but CPU still runs?

>       Am I missing something on the suspend
>       mode under NetBSD or should I shutdown
>       NetBSD and suspend under Windows CE?

that's one approach, but never use CE as it makes me 'wince'...