Subject: Re: Z50 kernel issues
To: Greg Hughes <>
From: Adam K Kirchhoff <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 04/07/2002 19:47:42
On Sun, 7 Apr 2002, Greg Hughes wrote:

> Hey guys,
> The kernel is smaller becuase I stripped it (removed debugging symbols)
> before packaging it up.
> I'm not sure why there's a problem with netstat/vmstat, but I'm also
> experiencing the same issue here.  The kernel I packaged up does not
> remove the PIU (touch-screen) support from the kernel, so perhaps there
> is some kind of conflict with this and the TP driver.

FYI, I never removed the PUI code either, but netstat does work fine for
me, so it's unlikely to be a conflict.