Subject: Maintainers of hpcboot project?
To: , <>
From: Brandon Knitter <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 02/17/2002 15:27:17
I'm not sure whom maintains the HPCBoot project, but I was hoping to have a
discussion regarding the modification of the boot process to work on Windows
CE 2.0 and earlier.  As you may know, in WinCE 2.11 and later, there is a
system call of setKMode which is used to boot the kernel for many boot
loaders.  I recently found some code snippets which suggest that a certain
amount of assembly code and kernel binary copying to memory could be
executed in such a way that it would boot a kernel on earlier version of
WinCE (1.0 and 2.0).

I am not a solid C or C++ programmer, nor familiar with writing applications
for WinCE, but I have done enough to read through the code and it seems as
though it's a viable alternative when working with older versions of the OS.
I know that setKMode is a much more stable alternative, but it leaves some
of us out in the cold with earlier versions of the OS and these devices we'd
much rather see running a flavor of Linux.

Any help or response would be appreciated.  If you have an earlier version
of WinCE (1.0 or 2.0) and have successfully booted a flavor of unix on them,
I would love to hear from you as well.

Take Care,

Brandon Knitter