Subject: z50 install problem
To: None <>
From: Russell McManus <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 12/29/2001 23:08:49
I've finally made some progress getting NetBSD installed on my z50. 
to a number of the people on the list who have assisted me in attaining
a clue.

At this point, I've got what appears to be a basic installation
completed, but when I boot into NetBSD using pbsdboot.exe, I hang on
the following messages:

WARNING: preposterous clock chip time
root file system type: ffs
warning: no /dev/console

and then I just hang.  At this point, a number of the devices has
already been identified by the kernel, including pcmcia1, wd0, wdc1,
apmdev0, pcmcia0, etc.
So something is working, at least.

Any ideas on what might be wrong, or how to proceed?


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