Subject: z50 printer cable
To: None <>
From: Thomas Miller <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 11/27/2001 21:48:15

Happily I can report yet another successful install of NetBSD on an IBM z50.  Many thanks to the developers for making it possible for me to have a totally silent, portable *nix system, with a good keyboard, weighing under three pounds, and with an 8 hour battery life!  I am using 1.5 with the generic kernel, and the install is on a 256MB CF card.  

Could somebody please put up some hints on how to set up NetBSD to use the z50 printer cable?  This cable, IBM number 33L4954, connects the z50's serial port to the printer, in my case a Laserjet 6L.  Is the printer definition in /etc/printcap :lp=/dev/tty00:?  What other changes are required to adapt the printer setup instructions in Frederico Lupi's NetBSD Guide to the z50's unusual printer cable situation?

Thanks again,

(Thomas Miller)
(617) 248-8900

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