Subject: lpd: Malformed from address?
To: None <>
From: billy ball <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 11/05/2001 20:44:51
hi! quick question:

i have been trying to set up remote printing on the z50, but lpd keeps

/usr/sbin/lpd: [four garbage chars]: Malformed from address

my /etc/printcap entry is correct... i can initiate a print job, which is
queued... running lpq prints the job info, but reports the above line at
the end of the output... attempting to remove the job with lprm just hangs
at the command line...

i found one mention of this problem in a July posting to a NetBSD list,
but have not found a resolution...

can anyone shed some light on this? i otherwise have no trouble with
NetBSD, but am disappointed about not being able to print (or being
able to resolve the problem myself)...