Subject: help!..mp770..X11 scroll bars don't
To: None <>
From: Sanford Barton <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 10/04/2001 02:27:54

I've establised a pretty good setup on my MP770:
using the 1.5.2 packaged binaries with the latest snapshot (042201) kernel
1.5U.  I went back to the 1.5U kernel because suspend and wscons wouldn't
work with the 1.5.2 GENERIC kernel.

I've installed iceWM 1.0.4 and X is running pretty well, but I can't use the
scroll bars on xterms, aterms, etc.  I have the arrow keys up and running
for use in vi, etc, but I really need to scroll!  Hope this is supported,
because I cant even get the scroll bar to jump to a location or move at all.

Also...just a side note...the man page for Xhpc says to use the [win] key +
touch screen + 2/3/etc to access the 2nd and 3rd mouse buttons...This
doesn't seem to do anything...  I assumed the +2 means touch the screen
twice while holding down the windows key?

Thanks in advance for any info.  And thanks to the entire hpmips team for
providing such a kick-ass port!


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