Subject: RE: Socket Communications LP-E support
To: None <>
From: Eric Brown <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 01/20/2001 11:40:00
The error I'm getting (from /kern/msgbuf) is:
pcmcia0: CIS checksum failed
Low Power Ethernet LAN Adapter, Socket Communications, Inc, Revision A,
 (manufacturer 0x0104, product 0x000d) function 0 not configured

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Subject: Re: Socket Communications LP-E support

>I'm trying to install NetBSD 1.5 on my IBM Workpad z50.
>When I boot netbsd off the microdrive, it claims that it can't find the
>drivers for my Socket Communications LP-E ethernet PCMCIA card.  It does
>find the microdrive, and it lets me format the microdrive, but then I can't
>do anything, because it can't configure the ethernet card.

	on NetBSD, LP-E is indeed listed in sys/dev/pcmcia/pcmciadevs, and
	supposed to be supported by ne driver.  if you could attach the boot
	message, and the error message presented by NetBSD kernel, *as is*.