Subject: clio 1000 gotcha: pbsdboot can't open file \Storage Card\netbsd
To: None <>
From: Nathan Parrish <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 01/05/2001 00:34:41
I've browsed through the archives and haven't seen anything like this, so I
thought it would be worthwhile to add.

for quite some time I was stymied in my attempts to get pbsdboot to load netbsd
out of "\Storage Card\netbsd" on my clio, first getting the error "can't write
pbsdboot.ini" (which I now understand to be extraneous), and then "can't open
file" or somesuch.

I played around with moving the file to different directories, where I'd get
"can't allocate heap" instead of "can't open file", for which the installation
doc explains the solution (increase program memory allocation).  finally
realized that whatever version of windows CE is running on my clio calls the
device "\Storage Card \", that is, a trailing space after Card.  

this is with CE "Handheld PC Edition Version 3.0" "Core System Version 2.11".

perhaps adding in another entry to the list of possible kernel locations, to
include "\Storage Card \", would help.  better yet, perhaps, if this tidbit
ended up in a FAQ or install doc.  

this aside, though, I am quite impressed by the logical and friendly install
process (much easier than my installation of NetBSD/pmax three or four years


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