Subject: RE: problems regarding libc
To: Pai-Hsiang Hsiao <>
From: TAKEMURA, Shin <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 12/23/1999 23:57:08
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From: Pai-Hsiang Hsiao <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, December 18, 1999 10:17 AM
Subject: problems regarding libc

>I ran NetBSD on NEC Mobile Pro 800 for couple days now.
>I tried to run hbench-OS (a pathced version of lmbench) on that,
>and results are surprisingly contradicted.

Could you tell me more about the hbench-OS? Can I run the
hbench-OS by myself?

>The libc's bzero reports only 4MB/s bandwidth, while unrolled
>write reports 150MB/s. I doubt that there might have something
>wrong with libc's assembly version of bzero, even bcopy (pipe has
>low bandwidth, too)

>I tried to rebuild the libc, but failed, and it's too slow. (I
>have no native NetBSD machine around, I did the compilation on
>the device)
>Can anyone out there help me to build a libc without using the
>bcopy.S bzero.S? use libc/string/b{copy,zero}.c instead.

I've made libc.a with bcopy.c and bzero.c and put it on

Could that help you?