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Re: panic on attempting to extract kernel during install

Sevan Janiyan <venture37%geeklan.co.uk@localhost> wrote:

> My testing has came down to wiping CF with a single FAT formatted MBR
> partition using disk utility on OS X, which I place kernel, miniroot.fs
> & hpcboot.exe
> Boot Jornada, in sysinst repartition CF card with a 15MB FAT16 <32M & a
> NetBSD partition spanning the remainder.
> All space is alloctated to / on the NetBSD slice. There is no swap. Then
> attempt to install via HTTP using a PCMCIA ne(4) network card.
> With the failed install attempt, I've connected CF to ThinkPad run NetBSD 7
> Mounting UFS partition reports filesystem is not clean (fs_clean=0x4);
> please fsck(8)
> Running fsck reports on Phase 1 that there's a partially truncated inode
> Incorrect block count
> Phase 2 reports Directory corrupted and more.
> On the NetBSD laptop I repartitioned the CF card, created a 705MB FAT16
>>32MB partition & remaining allocated to NetBSD. I then ran mbrlabel to
> make the DOS partition visible. The copied install files to FAT
> partition on OS X.
> Boot Jornada & mounted DOS partition & installation is currently working
> thing through all the sets.
> Long story short, the panic seems to only happen If I attempt to do a
> network install.

You can perhaps boot normal system with nfs root and play with
reaprtitioning/newfs'ing the CF card with more tools available to you
than in an installation kernel?


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