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Re: Dell Axim

Thorsten Alge <mail%thorsten-alge.de@localhost> wrote:
>I got an Dell Axim X51 from a friend. With the installed OS its
>absolutely useless but it would be a waste to throw it away. I tried
>around with the hpcarm-ports but I cant get it boot anything. It fails
>on loading the miniroot.fs.

Which kernels did you try using ?

The hpc* devices each need a definition in the bootloader and the kernel
that describes them. Picking the closest configuration may get part
way through booting.

>Is there any way to bring NetBSD on that device?

Maybe. Depends on how much documentation is available on how gpio lines
are routed to things, any Linux source that is available could help.

Which model do you have ? There isn't a driver for the GPU on the X51v.

It will need a bit of work to add a config definition for that device
but most of the drivers are there. The WZERO3 kernel uses the same
CPU as your Dell.

Robert Swindells

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