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Re: 3com Bluetooth PC Card on hpcarm platform

On 04/15/2012 06:09 AM, Alexander Frolkin wrote:

I'm trying to get a 3Com Bluetooth PC card working on a Jornada 720
(hpcarm) device.
I tried the same thing a while ago, but got nowhere.  Also a Jornada
720, and also a 3Com Bluetooth card.  I think the problem I had was
something to do with loading firmware.  Or maybe it did get past the
firmware stage, and something didn't work later on.  I don't have the
Jornada or the card to hand at the moment, and this was quite a while
ago, so I can't remember.  Sorry, this really isn't a very helpful


Okay, if I use a current kernel as of 2012-04-11 and copy BT3CPCC.bin to /libdata/firmware/bt3c/ then the btuart driver attaches. With a current kernel and 5.1.2 userland, 'btconfig btuart0 inquiry" works some of the time but isn't really reliable. I may try with a current userland later.

I'm making BT3CPCC.bin available at http://www.bigjar.com/hpcarm

Jason M.

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