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Re: Switch NetBSD/hpc* ports to Xorg

> In my opinion, you should call for some testing.
> I've given my Jornada away, otherwise I would have loaded some binary
> release on it to see how it works.
> I mean, things like HP Jornada, Workpads z50, Nec Mobilepro, and
> things like that...

Well, how many such active users do we have nowadays?

It's a bit pain to build and upload three sets of
full release binaries for such unlikely users.
Once we switch it in bsd.own.mk all necessary binaries
will appear on daily build: http://releng.NetBSD.org/

AFAIK, XFree86 based servers have been broken for long years
(PR port-hpcmips/32403 filed in 3.0 days, for example)
so there is no reason to stick X11FLAVOUR=XFree86
unless there is known serious issue on Xorg flavour.

If you really want to test Xorg binaries, you can always build them by
% env X11FLAVOUR=Xorg sh build.sh -m hpcmips -U -x release
etc. using -current sources and xorg.conf example attached in
my previous post.
Izumi Tsutsui

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