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HP Jornada 728 on sale

Hello folks,
after having played around for a while whith my Jornada, i found  that
it does not fits my need, so I've considered the possibility to sell it, and
i was wondering wether there was anyone in this mailing list interested
on buying it.

Box would consist of:

** HP Jornada 728 (arm processor @ 206 mhz, 64 MB ram, color touch screen, 515g
   weight, refubrishied battery)
** Docking station
** Power supply
** Cables
** Atmel chip based 802.11 wireless card (fully working under JLime
linux, not tested under NetBSD - but it should work)

I will probably include a 4 gig CF card (not surely - i may need it for
some work).

Of course, the Jornada *works*.

Price is around 200 Euros (plus shipping, maybe).
Anyone interested ?
If yes, contact me at manu [at] salug [dot] it .

Emanuele Santoro

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