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Re: Running NetBSD on HTC Harrier PPC6600

Hi Azim,

Yes it will hard reset the phone every time you run HPCBOOT.EXE. I've never tried NetBSD on an HTC handset but on my HP Jornada the screen always goes very bright after using NetBSD and you have to remove the battery and backup battery to get it to go back to normal. Will be interesting to find out how it runs on the Harrier.


Azim wrote:
Dear Ushakov,

Thanks for the reply. I will try this.

Just a quick question. If this will hardreset my fone, then will it do
this everytime I try to run HPCBOOT.EXE from WM2003 ? WIll my fone get
hardreset everytime I run HPCBOOT.EXE. I assume nothing is being
installed on drive other than my SD CARD..Right ?


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