Subject: Re: Current port status on J720?
To: None <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/16/2006 12:46:47
On Monday 16 January 2006 11:41, wrote:
> Hi all,
> First post here :-) but I've been reading the archives a fair amount.
> I think we need a sort-of-centralised resource to summarise what works and
> what does not on the Jornada 720. It is my impression that this is the
> device most of us here are using.
> Note that I haven't installed NetBSD on it yet, but I'll list what seem to
> work, as well as missing information:
> 1. booting the base system works OK

Yes works fine.

> 2. battery status is inaccurate (too high), unless a certain patch is
> applied (

I havent tired an apn enabled kernel yet

> 3. is the battery life similar to that achieved under HPC2000, or more
> along the lines of what Linux (Debian or Familiar) gets (IME 20% shorter)?
> 4. when suspending, I assume we are "only" slowing the CPU down to 59 Mhz
> like Linux does, since that seems to be imposed by HPC's presence on the
> device?
> 5. Xhpc works as an X11R6 server. Maybe the X config file could be shared,
> to help users save time.

There is no config file as far as i can tell.

> 6. touchscreen: I could not see confirmation in the archives, but I assume
> this works fine in X?

Touchscreen works fine

> 7. how much space is required for the base system + X11 (without any
> apps)? I've read 512MB could get tight with more than a couple of apps,
> and 256MB would be pushing it.

512MB will be big enough for NetBSD + X and a few apps

> 8. is the support for PCMCIA roughly the same as for other NetBSD ports,
> i.e. is the J720 PCMCIA reader functional under NetBSD?

PCMCIA support is the same for other ports

> Anything I've missed out or forgotten, especially things that do not work
> at the moment?

The on off key can be a bit tempermental at times. Sound does not work, other 
than that it seems to work ok.

Though current is a bit troublesome at the moment so best to stick to stable 
version i think.

> Thanks,
> Michael

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