Subject: Booting NetBSD on IPAQ
To: None <>
From: Arnaud LACOMBE <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 07/25/2005 20:14:34

I tried to boot two netbsd kernel (on from 2.0.2 and one snapshot from
2001-07-08) on two different IPAQ (one 3100 and one 3630). On both pda,
I loaded kernel image with hpcboot.exe from WinCE and got the same
result on both pda: the last readable output on serial is:

framebuffer: 240x320 type=10 linebytes=0 addr=0x00000000
console = 2

Then the only things I see then are a succession of '' (0xE0 in
hex). The following install log :
shows that only two byte are sent: 0x00 and 0xE0. When I type any key I
got a 0xE0 on serial.

Is there any way to get netbsd to boot correctly on IPAQ ?