Subject: Re: [OT] Jornada 720 serial cable
To: Richard Danter <>
From: Guillaume Tessier <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 07/25/2005 21:14:01
Richard Danter wrote:

> Hi all,
> First, please accept my apologies for posting an off topic message.
> Can anyone suggest where I could purchase a serial cable for my 
> Jornada 720? I can find no references for this on google. I found a 
> reference for another Jornada model, but the sales person I spoke to 
> did not know if it was compatible.
> I am based in the UK if that helps.
> Anybody know if tip, or any other serial terminal software will work 
> on the J720 (NetBSD 2.0)?
> Thanks!
> Rich

I had exactly the same pb and HP France gave the contact of a society 
based in Paris metropolitan area. It was expensive (55 euros) and i 
waited about 3 weeks to get my serial cable. But i'm glad i could get it 
otherwise my jornada 720 would have been unusefull.
Here is the name and address :

IPS Informatique
36, rue de Verdun
94500 Champigny sur Marne
(+ 00**) 01 47 06 65 96
fax : 01 47 06 40 49

I don't know if they speak english but the lady was fair.
Here is some more information : The device serial cable for jornada 720 
(one that directly plug into the jornada) is identified as :

cable sÚrie

They will ask you to send a pay check.

Keep in touch and tell me how it evolve