Subject: hpcarm port broken ? / was: [Re: Jornada720 hangs during booting]
To: <>
From: Dennis Luxen <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 10/20/2004 18:48:41
>>> The same thing happens for me in my Jornada NetBSD in NetBSD 3.0 RC3 and
>>> RC4 Can anyone check/confirm this problem?
>> ooops,
>> Jornada 710 and NetBSD 2.0 RC3 and RC4 is what I wanted to say
> Strange anyways. I'll investigate a little on that. Anyone else had this 
> problem or was able to get -CURRENT to run on a Jornada?

I've checked with the prebuilt kernels available from releng as well 
with another selfbuilt -CURRENT. Unfortunately none of those booted 
further than:

| boot device: wd0
| root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
| root file system type: ffs <--- here it hangs.

I don't know if anyone got any recent kernel to run. Either I'm doing 
something terribly wrong or -CURRENT/2.0RC3/2.0RC4 seem to be broken on 
the hpcarm port. Would be nice if someone could confirm that before I'm 
going to send-pr the problem!