Subject: RE: netbsd installation kernel for jornada720
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From: Jason Mitchell <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 09/30/2004 15:03:26
I'm the one who created the install kernel. Unfortunately, it's not as easy
as using a newer kernel (with more modules). There was a absolute size
limitation on the size of the hpcarm kernel. If the kernel was bigger than
~2.8Mb it wouldn't boot (no output past hpcboot -- just a blank screen). I
was able to fit everything in a 1.9Mb ramdisk by using crunchgen to compress
all of the executables. The problem with wifi is that you need more than
just the driver in the kernel. You also need wiconfig. I seem to remember
that made the ramdisk too big. But as you said, the kernel is old, so I
can't be sure.

If you don't have temporary access to a ne2000 compatible ethernet card, you
could also copy the hpcarm distribution (base.tgz, comp.tgz, etc.) to a
second flash card. I think sysinst has the option to install from a
directory. You would only need the flash card for the install and it won't
matter what the filesystem is. Maybe you could borrow it.

In other words,

1) Put borrowed card in laptop.
2) Boot Windows, linux, whatever or laptop.
3) Ftp files and save on borrowed card
4) Boot install kernel from your card
5) Exit sysinst (the install routine)
6) mount borrowed card
7) run sysinst

I don't have time right now to do this, but hopefully I will later tonight
(GMT -5). So let me know if you run into problems and I'll see if I can make
things clearer.

Jason M.

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> Subject: netbsd installation kernel for jornada720
> hi there,
> a few months ago i downloaded a hpcarm-kernel with which i can run the
> installroutine without crossbuilding my own stuff (i can't do that because
> my notebook freezes everytime)
> i tried it so many times to install netbsd on my jornada and now
> i'm at the
> point where i can select the source for the binarys to download for the
> installation
> i made a msdos partition on the cf-card and put that installroutine-kernel
> on it
> i startet the kernel with hpcboot.exe
> but now i'm stuck at the install where i must choose the source for the
> files, network wont work because my netgear wireless pcmcia card isn't
> supportet on this kernel
> is there a newer version of such an, i call it "install kernel" ?
> the other kernels from are detecting my
> wi0-card but they
> don't start an install routine
> the kernel is called jinstall.gz as is a few years old, i would be glad if
> someone could help me
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