Subject: Re: netbsd installation kernel for jornada720
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 09/29/2004 18:47:49
   hi there,
   a few months ago i downloaded a hpcarm-kernel with which i can run the
   installroutine without crossbuilding my own stuff (i can't do that because
   my notebook freezes everytime)
   i tried it so many times to install netbsd on my jornada and now i'm at the
   point where i can select the source for the binarys to download for the
   i made a msdos partition on the cf-card and put that installroutine-kernel
   on it
   i startet the kernel with hpcboot.exe
   but now i'm stuck at the install where i must choose the source for the
   files, network wont work because my netgear wireless pcmcia card isn't
   supportet on this kernel
   is there a newer version of such an, i call it "install kernel" ?
   the other kernels from are detecting my wi0-card but they
   don't start an install routine
   the kernel is called jinstall.gz as is a few years old, i would be glad if
   someone could help me

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Thinking back ......  I think that I tried two things ....

For my initial install, I think that I created an FFS on my CF card using
an i386 laptop.  The FFS appears to be the same.  I left a small 5MB
MS-DOS partition to hold the kernel and boot loader.  [Actually, I think I
did it the other way around.  I created a 5MB MS-DOS partition using my
wife's MS-WINDOWS 98 system and the used the NetBSD laptop to make the
FFS of the rest of the CF card].

If you can do something like this, it might be the simplest way to get it
all installed.  All it takes, really, is some sort of CF card reader.  In
theory, one could create a MS-DOS partition using NetBSD, but I have never
tried that.  You can untar the binary build in place on the FFS.

I think that the other thing I tried was to use a ne2000 or 3com PCMCIA
card I had.  This allowed a LAN to be hooked up.  My wi-card came along

I don't think I ever tried using the "standard" install.

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