Subject: Re: hi
To: None <>
From: Lorant Toth <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 07/07/2004 16:02:36

sorry - actually I just found that my questions were answered June 30th 
and that a more recent build exists thatn I used. I did not get those 
emails though I am recently subscribed to port-hpcarm. sorry.

X11 installs and runs fine right after install with the new snapshot 
from releng, you just need to xmodmap your keys. Great work. I'd like to 
see whether I can cross-build the distribution on my 300mhz machine so 
that I could possibly help out with a few things.

Awesome work! This just quadruples (at least) the usefulnes of my 
Jornada720. Finally a real OS.

- Lorant