Subject: hi
To: None <>
From: Lorant Toth <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 07/06/2004 16:13:18
hey folks,

I am pretty new to NetBSD and currently trying to run port-hpcarm on a 
Jornada720 - so far I've been quite successful (after lots of 
unsuccessful tries of disklabeling the CF card - in the end I figured 
how to use linux fdisk to do it :) )
So far I must say NetBSD feels nice and light, I feel in control of the 
system - as opposed to modern linux distros :) even though I have to 
consult the manuals now and then.

My main problem is that X11 does not operate correctly, touchscreen 
works but the keyboard mapping seems completely random - I can't seem to 
find a pattern and xmodmap'ing does not help either. Keys are totally 
randomly mapped, some keys not at all - could be a problem I've read 
about in this list's archive, end of 2003 methinks.

I got and installed a binary build from releng: 

As a side-note:  for me X would not run at first! Then I installed an 
older release of X11 that was posted on this list and it finally worked 
after overinstalling the releng files again. Maybe a font was missing or so.

Anyway, X11 works now - when running on ttyE0 - except for the keyboard 
:( I read the conversations on the list about wrong raw keycodes (and so 
on if I remember right) and of a proposed fix. My keyboard does not work 
with the last releng build though,

Then I installed NetBSD-2-0 on a K6-300, got the sources from CVS and 
built the system in about 12hrs :) if I add MKX11=yes build fails...

So the questions, what was the latest known working X11 build (date, 
branch, ...?) ? Does anybody have the patches for the keyboard in case 
they're not in CVS yet? What would I have to look at to try to figure 
out the problem - from when I took slight glimpes into the source when X 
was not working at all (supposedly missing font) I guess Xhpc sources 
would be causing the troubles?

To cross-compile, I basically followed the instructions from the ONLAMP 
O'Reilly NetBSD on Palmtop article and ran:
#MKX11=yes ./ -m hpcarm -T /usr/hpcarmtools -u -U -D 
/usr/hpcarmbuild distribution  ( "-u" b/c I built the rest before).

Some help would be very appreciated and I hope this was not to detailed :)

NetBSD Jornada looks awesome - keep up the good work.
- Lorant