Subject: Re: how to configure a network card?
To: Jachym Holecek <>
From: Rafael Diniz <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 11/29/2003 16:06:07
Em Qua 26 Nov 2003 18:12, Jachym Holecek escreveu:
> Looking at the Linux driver, there seems to be no special handling [*].
> Perhaps it would be sufficient to add card information to

That's true.
But in=20
The card is cited.

> 	sys/dev/pcmciadevs (and regenerate the pcmciadevs* headers)
> 	sys/dev/if_ne_pcmcia.c (entry to ne2000devs table)
> IIRC you can find necessary information in Linux /proc. This is
> the simplest thing to try, it only makes the driver notice and
> pick up the card - it may or may not work...

I'll try it and give feedback.

> 	Regards,
> 		-- Jachym
> [*] In fact, pcnet_cs doesn't seem to explicitly know about this model
> at all.

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