Subject: Re: sa11x1_pcicreg.h vs. SA1101
To: IWAMOTO Toshihiro <>
From: David Laight <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 12/17/2002 10:22:37
> I thought SA11x1 pcmcia code should be shared when I wrote the driver,
> but I have no idea whether it should support both or not (i.e. provide
> another driver) as I haven't checked the difference between SA1101 and
> SA1111 carefully.

Have you tried looking for the similarities instead?
Not least of the problems is that the registers on the 1101
are on 4k [1] increments, whereas on the 1111 they are on
word boundaries.  There are many fewer io lines etc.


[1] it is monitoring the RAS address on the DRAM bus.

David Laight: