Subject: Re: IBM Microdrive.
To: Steve Clement <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 12/06/2002 08:54:32
> P.S: When are the patches for X11 going to flow back into the tree, and
> is the touchscreen patch from Emmanuel in the current kernel? Still=20
> doesn't seem to work properly, stil got locking issues...

All the kernel patches are in tree for 3 months. There is one small
patch mising in the X server to get the keyboard properly working.=20

It's easy to check if you have a kernel recent enough to have the fixes:
check if you have a j720ssp kernel thread with ps -ax. If you do, then
your kernel is okay.

For the X server, grab a binary until someone commit the patch. is an option.

Emmanuel Dreyfus.
Si la reponse est NT, c'est peut =EAtre=20
que vous n'avez pas compris la question.