Subject: Re: current jornada 720
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: None <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 02/27/2002 18:23:11
I haven't tried NetBSD on the 720 for a while.

Do you still have to remove the battery when you are done? Or can you press
the "off" button now?

I don't care if I have to recalibrate to go back into CE as that just acts
as a discouragement to do so. But I'd like to be able to have the machine
off for journies (e.g. on a plane) without hassle at the other endd. Can
this be done?

The Linux 720 guys (who don't have power management) seem to suggest you
can remove the lithium battery (so it doesn't go flat) and then just use
the rechargeable battery as a kind of power switch. I haven't tried the
Linux port as I have an unfortunate religious objection to Linux. I hope to
get over this but have not yet needed to.