Subject: RE: Losing Wince?
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From: Greg Berenfield <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 07/31/2001 08:45:37
Are you referring to the "parrot" bootloader?
If so, do you know how to access this on the jornada 720?
It's pretty well documented on for the ipaq.

To my knowledge, the jornada 720 has non-flashable roms (commercial version)
but flashable roms are available for certain engineers on special projects 
things HP is co-sponsoring).

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Subject: Re: Losing Wince?

According to Rasputin:
>Hi there, I was wondering if any of the smaller ports of NetBSD
>(hpcmips, hpcarm and friends) allow you to do away with winCE altogether,
>rather than booting the NetNSD kernel from WinCE?

AFAIK not at the moment.  The Linux people can so it is possible.

>Someone told me the StrongARM ROM was reprogrammable, so couldn't
>these architectures overwrite wince with NetBSD?

One of the big barriers to doing this is that if you screw up the
bootstrap loader there is no going back - you have a dead machine
unless you have some very specialised equipment (a JTAG boundary
programmer) and are able to do some SMD rework, at least, that is what
was explained to me a while back.  Given this there is some reluctance
to doing the development ;-)

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS