Subject: Helping out
To: None <>
From: Sean McNeil <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 06/26/2001 16:18:52
Hello everyone,

I am interested in helping out in this project and I have a good deal of
experience with embedded devices - I've been doing a lot of work on an
SA110 based one recently in fact.  I have an IPAQ along with several
other SA110 development systems to work with.

I can now build the NetBSD kernel, boot up from CF and get the dmesg
output mentioned on the web site.  I'm interested in helping out on the
PCMCIA portion and notice that there is a sagpcic device that wants
arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_pcic.c.  I assume this is necessary for the
pcmcia device and I'd like to start off there. I suppose my first goal
is to have the CF device available.  Any work-in-progress that I can
assist with here?

Unfortunately, I am not versed in NetBSD to be of immediate assistance,
but I'm confident I can come up to speed rather quickly.  Any
documentation that would help get make me productive sooner would be