Subject: Re: Jornada 720 reliability?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 06/10/2001 06:36:54
Any chance of posting a (recentish) 720 kernel and a file system image?=

I've tried the old kernel available from (I think it's for a=
iPAQ, but it booted fine, tho' I had to do a hard reset on the 720
afterwards to fix the contrast settings of the screen)...but would love=
see something more recent.

Haven't got time just at the moment to try building a kernel all of my =
so I know I'm asking someone else to do my work for me...but I don't ha=
much experience with NetBSD (I know how to rebuild Intel kernels for
FreeBSD in order to change various compile-time options...that's about =
on the Un*x kernel front, I'm afraid).

The fact that a NetBSD port was underway was a key factor for me in get=
a 720. Windows CE is much better than I thought, but I'm afraid that's =
saying very much :-)

Is the best way for a relative kernel newbie like me to hand around on =
fringes waiting until things get further advanced, or to bite the bulle=
and try to help? If the latter, is there a good "beginner's porting gui=
which describes the steps followed for other particular, =
to build all the cross-development tools needed in order to get started=
I'd love to get involved but don't want to waste anyone's time doing so=
I don't know how much time I'd be able to commit.

All I really want is to be able to compile an MUA of my choice (e.g. el=
as I'm a bit behind the times), have access to vi and to be able to dia=
l up
an ISP (hopefully using the built-in 720 modem, unless that's asking to=
much) and talk POP3. Putting a crypto layer over the file system would =
excellent, too. I've never used Outlook in my life (except in the lab "=
research purposes only" :-) and I'd love to be able to keep it that way=

Paul Ducklin