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Re: Netbsd on HP rp5470 (L3000)

Felix Resch writes:
- i wanted to install NetBSD on a frew HP-L Servers
- but i am not clear about if there is support for it.
- Booting a hp700 Netbsd5 RC1 did not work
- (error message available)
- please clarify if ther _is_ a way of running NetBSD there.

The L-class servers, and anything marketed as RP* are PA-RISC
2.0 systems.  As I understand, currently NetBSD/hp700 only
supports PA-RISC 1.0 and PA-RISC 1.1 systems. (maybe PA2.0/32,
but the L's and RP*'s are PA2.0/64.)

You're probably best off with HP-UX 11.23/PA or HP-UX 11.31. 

You might see if OpenBSD has made any progress with PA2.0, but I
don't recall seeing any.

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