Subject: Recent netinstall.lif images fail to boot on a B180L
To: None <>
From: David H.Gutteridge <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 03/19/2006 20:59:56
Hi all,

I tried netbooting using the netinstall.lif images built recently (builds
200603050000Z, 200603090000Z, 200603110000Z), and all cause a kernel panic, which
is as follows (I'm not using a serial console, so I retyped this, sorry if I made a typo):

Start @ 0x200000 [1=0xe85000-0xe8528c]...
SPID bits: 0x0, error = -2
btlb info: minsz=128, maxsz=16384
btlb fixed: i=0, d=0, c=8
btlb varbl: i=0, d=0, c=0
kernel: DTLB miss trap, code=7f454c4a
panic: trap: no debugger for "DTLB miss" (15)
Stopped in pid 0.1 () at     0x7e42f4     ldo     R'40(%r3),%r30
db> bt
(null)(9d66ec,27b1f20,0,0) at 0x7e42f4
(null)(9e659c,9e6468,f,0) at 0x7018fc
(null)(f,e87340,e492d8,e49220) at 0x70188c
(null)(3000138,0,0,1) at 0x7f0a6b

Not sure that's too useful for anyone, but thought I'd include it.  I'm running
a B180L.  I was successful at netbooting an older version of the netinstall.lif
file from a build back in August (unfortunately I no longer have that file).