Subject: Re: HP 9000 Model D330 working?
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 06/01/2005 14:06:18
> there's some confusion about the HVD, I'm not sure if we have a
> driver or not.  once you get netbsd booted on there somehow
> (netboot or transplanted disk), could you post the dmesg?

Isn't basically all HVD controllers you find in this vintage HP-PA
gear ncr53c720-based, like in the HP 9000/735?  If so, it's currently
unsupported, our HP 9000/735 says:

"Core FW SCSI" at gsc0 (type 0xa, sv 0x7c) hpa 0xf0830000 path 2/0/7 no=
t configured

when net-booted with the LIF image from approximately May 26.

There is an MD driver for this chip in the NetBSD tree in the amiga
port, where it supports the CyberStorm MKIII scsi controller, with the
files file snippet:

# ncr 57c720/770 controllers
define  siopng
file    arch/amiga/dev/siop2.c          siopng

# CyberStorm MKIII scsi
device  cbiiisc: scsi, siopng
attach  cbiiisc at zbus
file    arch/amiga/dev/cbiiisc.c        cbiiisc needs-flag

However, first off this is an MD chip driver (so it needs to be made
MI), and there is also the port-specific bus attachment for the hp700
port to figure out, and I'm not sure what the documentation status of
that is.

There appears to be the start of an attachment for a driver present in
sys/arch/hp700/gsc/siop_gsc.c, but last I tried it does not compile --
it tries to include nonexistent files, such as <dev/ic/ncr53c7xxreg.h>
and <dev/ic/ncr53c7xxvar.h>.  It was initially added as "still work in
progress", and judging from the cvs log, no substantial changes have
been made to it since then.

OpenBSD lists it as a "possible project" to support the controller,
and I can't check right now whether Linux supports it (as the web site
pointed to from the NetBSD/hp700 FAQ page is apparently dead).


- H=E5vard