Subject: Current status.
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 05/22/2004 17:33:28

Now that we are at it:
I was able to build a new 2.0E based snapshot. There are still things
missing and ugly bugs, but be prepared to get a new toy in some days /
weeks. Most likely this will suport all PA7[13][0-9][0-9] based
machines. PA7000 and PA7200 support is broken (or better: it was never
working) so machines like the  705, 710, 720, 750, J- and K-Class will
not work. I plan to add PA7200 support once the snapshoot is out and in
an at least partial usable state. PA7000 support may never happen due to

If you want to help:

src/sys/arch/hp700/stand/mkboot is the program to generate LIF files.
HP700 machines need LIF files for booting. Currently this source is not
very portable. (It was a nightmare to get it build on IRIX...) If
someone wants to contribute make this source portable by autoconfig-ing
it or whatever. It needs to be added to the host tools so that it ends
as $TOOLDIR/bin/nbmkboot. This is a prerequirement to get proper
instalation tools / images generated when building a release.=20

Instalation tools: They don't exist. It would be nice if someone else
could take care of adding the MI bits to the source to get them build
with a release.=20

If there is a GCC hacker among us: The hppa target in GCC has some bugs.
One bug shows up when the kernel is compiled with -O2. mem.c fails to
compile with an assembler message. (Looks like an instruction with a too
big displacement.) The other bug is LP64 related. Try to build hppa code
on a LP64 machine (tested an Alpha and UltraSPARC) and you will get
"internal compiler error".=20