Subject: Re: Reanimating port hp700
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 09/18/2003 23:20:21
On 2003.09.18 11:03 Matt Thomas wrote:

> Good news is that binutils seems to support hppa--netbsd.
> Bad news is that gcc doesn't support hppa--netbsd yet.
Yes. It said so when I attempted to compile a hppa--netbsd GCC3.x. ;-) 
> (or hppa--openbsd).
OpenBSD has a GCC 2.95.3 and is running quite well with a staticly 
linked world. (I instaled an OpenBSD-3.4 snapshot on my 715/100XC to 
get in touch with the hardware.) I don't know how helpfull the OpenBSD 
tools may be. 
[ABI woes]
I have no clue about this ABI woes. Any pointers to documentation about 
this topic is welcome.

Maybe I need to make clear: I have absolutely no clue about toolchain 
internas, GCC hacking, subtile ABI differences, ... I am just trying to 
reanimate port hp700.  Unfortunately getting a toolchain is the 
precondition that has to be solved. I am not interrested in toolchain 
work. I am doing it only because nobody else is willing / has time to 
do it. All I have at the moment is some time that I am willing to 
donate. So I need some help to get the required knowledge. 
Additional (future) problem: There are 64 bit hppa machines and 
possibly we need an additional hppa64 port like sparc64 or the like. 
(?) We should keep this in mind to avoid future 32 / 64 bit trouble.