Subject: Re: Reanimating port hp700
To: Jochen Kunz <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 09/18/2003 11:03:03
On Thursday, September 18, 2003, at 09:25 AM, Jochen Kunz wrote:

> Hi.
> I am interrested in reanimating port hp700. As I understand the problem
> the first thing that must happen is enabling the hppa target of the new
> in tree GCC 3.x toolchain. Unfortunately I am no toolchain guru. Can
> someone with "The Clue" (C) (R) (TM) outline the steps needed to get 
> the
> hppa target working?

Good news is that binutils seems to support hppa--netbsd.
Bad news is that gcc doesn't support hppa--netbsd yet.
(or hppa--openbsd).

The choice we need to make is to pick the correct ABI from this
point on.  We could stick with the BSD ABI but it's really not
well supported.  For best support, we should either choose the
Linux ABI or the HPUX ABI.  I'd suggest adapting the Linux support
since it's likely to best maintained.

I'm not sure of the differences between the BSD ABI and Linux ABI
but this might require some changes to the .S files.

> Simply seting HAVE_GCC3=yes and removing hppa from the list of not
> supported archs in share/mk/ is too simple to be all.

Yes it is.